Tennis Court Resurfacing Contractors

Tennis Court Resurfacing Contractors

Do I Need Professional Tennis Court Resurfacing Contractors?

Just like asphalt surfaces of any other type, your tennis court will greatly benefit from a resurfacing service once the first signs of damage begin to become apparent. In the following article we will take a look at what you should know about having this task done by professional tennis court resurfacing contractors.

Tennis Court Resurfacing Contractors

Damage to Tennis Courts

There are a variety of elements that will work together to mar the smooth immaculate surface of your tennis court. If your installation was not as professional or perfect, these elements will work much faster to deteriorate the surface of your tennis court. Rain, moisture and freezing temperatures are the most destructive.

The important thing to understand is the importance of catching these smaller signs of damage before intensive repair work paperwork is needed. One good way to keep the surface pof your tennis court in pristine conditions is to schedule a resurfacing service as needed. Most experts recommend this is done every four to eight years, depending on the type of damage and use the tennis court sees on a regular basis.

But this recommended time frame can be greatly extended with proper care and treatment. Here are some of the practices you can apply to effectively postponing calling in professional tennis court resurfacing contractors.

Regularly sweep and clean the tennis court —rocks, pebbles, fallen leaves and other debris can also mar the fine surface of your tennis court. Make sure you take the time to clean as needed.

Pooling Water can be a Problem — make sure that nearby landscaping and plant care doesn’t affect or interfere with the perfect surface of your tennis court.

Power washing — the soft surface of your tennis court can become lodged with hard to remove contaminants that can deteriorate the fine surface little-by-little. Avoid this attrition by applying power washing to clean off the surface of your tennis court.

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