Payment Processing Platform

Payment Processing Platform

How Bluesnap Can Make Your Business More Profitable

Are you aware of the cost of failed or lost transactions to your business? Do you know what to do to cut your losses and make your business more profitable? Sometimes this can be as easy as replacing your old payment processing platform with a more modern solution. Bluesnap, for example, can help you keep tabs on your e-commerce to prevent buyers from abandoning your website before paying for their orders.


This feature alone is well-worth taking a closer look at Bluesnap. Furthermore, this platform comes with an array of advanced features that recommend it as the ideal solution for any type of business, regardless of size, industry or business model. It suits new businesses, as well as fast-growing ones. You can start with a pay-as-you-go pricing model and discuss further conditions once you decide you like what this solution has to offer. Since there are no installation or cancellation fees, you’re free to give it a go and remove it without any costs.

This all-in-one solution works for marketplaces, but also for classic e-commerce websites. It doesn’t matter whether you sell digital or physical goods. You can accept payments in more than 100 different currencies, so you can build a truly global business, if you want. The API makes it very easy to integrate this new tool with your existing software. It works with WooCommerce, WordPress, Drupal and many other CRM solutions. This platform generates exhaustive reporting, thus allowing you to keep an eye on the evolution of your business without having to pay experts to create these reports for you.

If you could use a new payment platform, consider taking a closer look into all these features and benefits. You can reach out to their sales department to ask for more details, to customize the system and to negotiate your fees.

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