CGI Influencer

CGI Influencer

The Rise of the CGI Influencer: Revolutionizing the Influencer Marketing Industry

Over the past few years, influencer marketing has become the favorite buzzword among digital marketers—and for a good reason. More than 90% of brands that use this tactic find it effective. And one of its greatest strengths is its accessibility. From luxury fashion brands to small mom-and-pop shops, all businesses can get started with influencer marketing without much of a problem.

CGI Influencer

It also pays to know that influencers aren’t always celebrities. In some cases, they’re not even human. While that may sound crazy, then you should take a look at the increasing popularity of CGI influencer. These lifelike digital influencers have captured the online world by storm, with some of them amassing for fans and followers than prominent celebrities.

While CGI influencers have been around for just a couple of years, they’ve shown a lot of promise. Many brands are now realizing the benefits of using these computer-generated images instead of working with a celebrity influencer. For one, the element of unpredictability is taken out of the picture. Brands can have full control over what the CGI influencer says and does, which means a lot in ensuring that the influencer is the perfect match for their product or service.

What’s more interesting is that the creators of these nonhuman influencers have taken the extra step to make them as life-like as possible. For instance, you’ll see them posing with celebrities, dining at fancy restaurants, and chilling at their own home. In some cases, they also have a set of religious affiliations, political beliefs, and social conventions to give them distinctive personalities.

It’s fascinating to see how CGI influencers can help brands reach their target audience and put their products in a better position to capture a bigger market share. This raises the question of whether they will ultimately replace human influencers in the future. Only time can answer this question. For now, more and more brands are making the switch.

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